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The Story of the Life of Dr David Livingstone

Have you ever wondered about the life of Dr David Livingstone?


David Livingstone
Part of Chris Worden's Book Collection

Our very own Managing Partner is a true and avid historian who has taken interest in the early explorers. Chris Worden, a retired professional safari guide and our managing partner specialises in the story of 'the life of Dr David Livingstone', where he has come to know the famous Scottish explorer from the day he was born until the day he was buried. Chris has managed to collect various books of these explorers including 1st Editions and has a private collection of over 70+ books, of which his prized possession is - David Livingstone first presentation - 1st Edition, published in 1857 and signed by David Livingstone himself.

David Livingstone Signed Book
David Livingstone Signed Book

Here we have a White man, born into poverty in Nineteenth Century Scotland, who walked across Africa, covering over 30 000 miles over a 30year period, in an effort to better the lives of his Black African brethren.

Here he preached the “3 C’s”, Commerce, Christianity and Civilization. His travels, and the publicity of the East Africa Slave trade, though his three bestselling books, ended with the closing of the Slave markets on the East African coast in 1873. Sadly, he was never aware of this tremendous success, due to his untimely death whilst lost in the Bangwuelu Swamps in Northern Zambia in April 1873.

His dying words were;

"We must heal this bleeding sore of Africa"

which are now inscribed on his grave in Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom. Here on the Western edge of the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is the statue of this Colonial hero, that will be forever respected by all in eternity, whether Black, White, Yellow or Brown.

David Livingstone, the true Missionary, Explorer and Liberator.

Chris's Recent Interview With Well known Author Hannes Wessels

We were very privileged to have Chris Worden tell the story of the life of Dr. David Livingstone in a recent interview with well known author Hannes Wessels. Take a look at the video below to learn more about the life of Dr. David Livingstone.

Want to learn more from Chris ?

Chris's fascination on Livingstone has lead him to share his knowledge with others. He has created a Patreon account where he uploads fascinating facts and stories of the life of Dr David livingstone and explorers alike. If you're interested in learning more about this click the button below ;

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Footsteps of Livingstone



Ann Nichols
Ann Nichols
Jul 01, 2021

Loved this interview and the video. Although I knew the history and have read much about Livingstone, Chris really brought life to the story. Many thanks.

Chris Worden
Chris Worden
Jul 02, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Anne, hopefully on your next visit here we can spend some time over a few sundowners and chat about the early explorers and browse though some of my antique books. Stay safe and well, best wishes Chris.

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